Your Assets Should Stay With Your Family

Work with a probate lawyer serving Davie & Plantation, FL to ensure they do after you pass

A lot could happen to your property, money and other assets when you pass away. If legal documentation isn't in place, you run the risk of losing your assets to debt collectors. Ensure that your loved ones get the assets you want to pass down by working with a probate lawyer located in Plantation, FL.

The Law Office of Michael R. Vines, P.A. has provided the Plantation and Davie areas with estate planning services for over 20 years. Attorney Vines knows the ins and outs of estate law and can prepare your assets for your future.

Turn to an estate planning lawyer for all your will and trust needs. Call the office now to schedule a consultation.

How a probate lawyer can help your family

Handling wills and trusts can be difficult to do alone. When you work with a probate or estate planning lawyer serving those from Davie & Plantation, FL, you get:

  • An estate plan that fits your needs
  • Comprehensive planning for every part of your estate
  • Peace of mind that your assets will go to your loved ones

Don't allow your hard-earned assets to land in the hands of creditors. Rely on The Law Office of Michael R. Vines to help you plan for your future. Email today to discuss your estate with an experienced probate lawyer.

How to set up a trust fund

Trust funds aren't only for the wealthy. Anyone can set up a trust fund to build wealth for future generations. If you're thinking about setting up a trust fund, you'll need a knowledgeable attorney by your side. Attorney Vines can help.

It's important to create a clear and specific trust fund. Before your appointment, you should figure out...

  • Which assets you want to include
  • Who your beneficiaries will be
  • Who your trustee will be

Attorney Vines can guide you through the process of setting up a trust fund in Plantation, FL.

Why choose an attorney to draft your will?

Picking beneficiaries, choosing the executor and figuring out who will get what in your will can be overwhelming. And using an online program can lead to mistakes or vague language that could confuse your family after you're gone. When you choose attorney Vines, you won't have to worry about how to write a will.

Attorney Vines can help you create a clear and comprehensive will. He's well-versed and knows how to write a will efficiently. You can trust him to guide you step by step. Call 954-636-1222 to get started.