With or without a will, the settling of an estate always benefits from the counsel of a skilled lawyer. When you need competent probate administration, call The Law Office of Michael R. Vines, P.A. Our trusted probate law practice in Plantation, Florida, has assisted numerous clients over the years. Our skill, insight, and experience have established us as a firm handling all aspects of estate settlements.

We understand that probate administration is a delicate task that requires deep familiarity with the law. Let us provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having a knowledgeable attorney on your case. Schedule a free consultation with us at our office when you’re ready to discuss probate administration.

Let’s Pursue an Equitable Estate Settlement

The distribution of assets can quickly become a complicated process. However, our attorney seeks to minimize the stress on you and your family. Ensure that your best interests are protected by retaining our services. Our probate administration process is the practical way to quickly and satisfactorily settle your estate. As your probate representation, we strive to take care of:

  • Validating the will

  • Distributing remaining assets on behalf of the decedent

  • Making an inventory of assets

  • Paying taxes

  • Settling outstanding debts

  • Preparing and filing the necessary paperwork

  • Mediating disputes over assets between beneficiaries

  • Transfer homestead property

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Why Is Homestead So Important?

The Florida “Homestead Law” is a Florida constitutional right. You must “File” for Homestead to get the protection. Once you have received your Homestead you will receive both property tax advantages and protections from certain types of creditors. The following is a list of Homestead benefits:

  • Annual property tax increases are capped at 3%;

  • The tax collector gives a credit on “Assessed Value” before levying taxes;

  • Most types of debt do not attach to your house and most creditors cannot force the sale of your home to satisfy a debt;

  • You may be able to transfer “Port” tax savings from one Homestead to another; and

  • In most cases your homestead passes to your heirs, after death, without being subject to your creditors in probate.

Exceptions to Homestead:

  • Failure to Pay Mortgage – Lender can foreclose;

  • Failure to Pay your HOA/Condo – Association can foreclose;

  • Failure to pay property taxes – County can sell tax deed;

  • Failure to pay materialmen – They can lien your home and foreclose.

    • (Companies or individuals that provide goods to improve/repair your home)




How a Probate Lawyer Can Help Your Family

Putting your trust in an attorney can be difficult, especially when your loved one’s assets are at stake. Let us show you that we will do everything in our power to fulfill your loved one’s wishes through the administration of their estate.

Our attorney strives to be above the rest. Not only does he deliver thorough advice backed by decades of experience, but he also truly cares about his clients. He understands the emotional complexities of the probate process and he will be here for you when times get tough. We will serve as more than just your legal representation. We’ll be your reassurance when concerns arise, your answers when questions come along, and your listening ear when you simply need to talk.

Planning for the Future Can Simplify Probate

Putting legal documentation in place is the best way to ensure that your assets get passed down to your loved ones. At The Law Office of Michael R. Vines, P.A., we strive to help our clients create comprehensive estate plans that will hold up through the probate process. By crafting a will or setting up trusts today, you can gain peace of mind that every aspect of your estate will be accounted for and correctly distributed once you have passed.

Estate Planning is Just as Important for Issues While You Are Alive

Our will and trust packages also include documents for planning before your demise. We prepare Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogates, Living Wills, and Designations of Pre-Need Guardian. The idea is for your family to be able to pick up your planning documents and have a road map or game plan to deal with issues and the legal documents necessary to make those decisions.

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When it comes time to administer the estate of a loved one, contact us for the compassionate guidance you need and deserve. Our attorney will put his extensive experience to work for you. Schedule a free consultation with us in Plantation, Florida if you are located in Davie, Sunrise, or Weston. We can discuss your probate case or help you create a comprehensive estate plan.